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4 Tips to prepare your child for an office visit at Worthington Pediatric Dentists

  • Develop early positive memories for your child - When your child’s first tooth comes in, it’s time to come meet us! It’s important to develop positive memories associated with going to the dentist early in your child’s life. This allows time for trust to develop with our on-site pediatric dentists. Your child will be able to reference those positive memories of trust in the future in case there is anything invasive and foreign we need to do.
  • Positivity at home - Speak of a trip to the dentist as a positive thing, because it is. And we’ll make the trip as comfortable as possible on our end. Check out the photo gallery below to see some of the décor and playthings we utilize to help provide a sense of warmth and well-being.
  • Be careful with incentives -Telling your child he or she will get ice cream, a toy, etc… for being good at the dentist can be a good thing, but can also backfire if it’s turned around and used against them in stressful situations, “If you don’t stop you won’t get (blank)…”. This can heighten anxiety and stress in situations where what’s best for everyone is to remain calm. You can always surprise them with it afterwards!
  • Good habits start at home - Good dental habits will always start at home, and it’s never too early! Cleaning your child’s mouth with a soft toothbrush as early as birth is not only okay, but recommended. By doing so, you can start his or her life of oral health early, and when you bring your child in to see us, we can reiterate what you’re already doing at home.

Office Photo Tour

Our office has been specifically designed to create a comfortable and inviting environment to relieve the anxieties of your child. Our support staff and pediatric dentists will also work to make the trip as positive as possible.

Click on the photos below to take a photo tour of our unique dental office.


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