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Seventy-five percent of 12 year olds need orthodontic treatment. That is because by the age of 12, all of your child's adult teeth will most likely be present and fully grown. However, these adult teeth don't always grow the way they should, creating problems like overcrowding or misalignment.

Your child's first molars start to develop in his or her mouth around the age of 7. Having your child visit a pediatric orthodontist at that time is important because your child's teeth can be influenced to grow in a positive way, preventing more costly complications in the future.

By treating our little patients early and using functional appliances, 80% of their treatment can be completed before the adult teeth are present. This is preferable because addressing orthodontic problems early reduces the amount of time your child needs to spend in fixed braces which subsequently reduces the overall cost of your child's dental health bill.

Prevention is the most effective way to lower the risk of problems that could occur later on in your child's life. Remember, when you take your child to see a pediatric orthodontist, we're checking for more than a dynamic smile. We want to make sure everything from jaw movement to the development of adult teeth is going as it should and doing it in a fun, safe environment.

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