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At Worthington Pediatric, we realize that sometimes you may need an emergency dentist in the Columbus, Ohio area. With kids, who knows what can happen? Dental emergencies can arise at any time with children, from toothaches to having a tooth knocked out. Oftentimes, your child may experience severe pains in their teeth that keep them up at night or unexpectedly happen. The best thing to do when these pains spontaneously occur is to contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists.

Worthington Pediatric is your go-to emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio. For all of your child's tooth issues, whether they are experiencing severe toothaches, or had an accident on the playground, we are here to help them and to ease their pain. Sometimes it can be a quick fix, like a toothache that just won't go away. These are very common in children and often occur out of the blue. Check to see if there is food that has lodged its way into the child’s tooth. This can easily be fixed using a toothbrush or a toothpick. If it is more extreme, or won’t go away, please contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists. We can help relieve their discomfort and ease the toothache.

Sometimes, though, the pain that your child is experiencing can be more than just food lodged in the teeth. With all of the energy that kids have, they can often put themselves in a situation where they knock a tooth or two out. In these cases, it is important to contact your emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio. Most likely, your child will feel immediate and severe pain, so it is best to contact your pediatric dentist as soon as you can. We can help alleviate the pain so your child can get back to playing.

For all of your emergency dentist needs in the Columbus, Ohio area, please contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists as soon as possible at 614-888-3212.

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