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We prefer to schedule preschool and young children early in the day. They are usually more alert and do better in the mornings. This allows us to schedule School age patients and teenagers in the afternoon and after school. Adults we schedule whenever it is best for their schedules. Orthodontic appointments are usually scheduled throughout the day except for long appointments (2 hours) will have to be in the first part of the day.

Most children cleaning will take approx. 30 min and adult cleaning will take approx. 60 minutes. Other procedures will be scheduled after a treatment plan is established. If you have to reschedule an appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice for appointments of 1hr or less and 7 days notice for O.R. Surgery appointments.


If you have an emergency please call the office at 614-888-3212. After Hours the voice mail will let you know whom to call.

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